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ZSK looks back on more than one hundred years of a successful history in textile engineering. Founded in 1875, ZSK has acquired the market leadership in a highly competitive line of industry: German high-class workmanship has always been our focus, each customer gets a machine in accordance with his individual requirements, the production is subject to rigid acceptance standards, each machine is made to measure to some extent.

We treat our customers as partners, we set great value upon sustainability, and want to accompany our customers also after having sold a machine with trainings and qualified service, we are open for suggestions and criticism; research and development require a continuous dialogue with the market in order to be able to keep our top position.

Consummate quality and profound expertise have made us market leader for embroidery machines.

محصولات و خدمات

SPRINT 6 and SPRINT XL are the latest models of our popular single-head embroidery machines series SPRINT. These machines offer all functionalities like tubular- or cap mode, flat- or border frame mode.

The SPRINT of the new generation are equipped with the slimmest tubular arm available for the embroidery industry.

The easy-learn control unit offers extensive opportunities to adjust and monitor the machine and the embroidery process.

The machines of the sprint series have at command multiple application and expansion capabilities for all standards and fields of use.

Our embroidery machines of the SPRINT series provide besides prime embroidery quality many additional devices and frames which assist you working up and realizing your creative potential as well as to make sure that your customers requirements lead to success for your business.

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All ZSK-tubular machines are equipped with the slimmest tubular arm available for the embroidery industry. The new developed tubular arm enables embroidery at locations that were almost impossible to rech before. This technology operates without a picker at the front; textiles are no longer dama...| » مقیاس های دیگر 


The optional attachments and frames boost the finest embroidery. The NEW cording device EP1.2 is able to embroider fancy and effect yarn without any limits. | » مقیاس های دیگر 

INNOVATION! Single head embroidery with 24 needles/colou ! 

The new ZSK embroidery single head machine with 24 needles/colours and an extra large embroidery field of RACER 1XL is 700 x 700 mm. | » مقیاس های دیگر 

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ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH
Magdeburgerstr. 38-40
47800 Krefeld

تلفن: +49 2151 444-0
فکس: +49 2151 444-170

Frank Giessmann
Sales Director Asia
تلفن: +49 170 2490528

NedTex Co. Ltd
No. 91, Across 36Th St., Southern Allame St. Modiryat Blv., Sa-A-DatAbad
19978-14685 Tehran

تلفن: +98 21 88681790
فکس: +98 21 88684727

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