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SIRIUS* - The First Self-Sharpening Shearing Spiral

This new spiral is based on a new production process that is revolutionizing shearing.

SIRIUS* textile spirals need much less re-sharpening than regular spirals. Due to their innovative design they stay sharp for a very long time, because they have a built-in sharpening function. Only when the pressure between spiral and ledger blade becomes too low the later has to be adjusted to built up the pressure again. Customer benefits are as follows:

  • Less re-sharpening of the shearing unit
  • Continues shearing operation with less interruptions
  • Improved shearing quality
  • Reduced risk to damage the ledger balde (manual sharpening)
  • Freedom of choice to select the spiral hardness

All SIRIUS* textile spirals are solely produced in Aachen, Germany as all other HEUSCH products. Needless to say they are manufactured in „Made in Germany“ quality.

Exhibitor: Heusch GmbH & Co. KG

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